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Are we heading toward an autonomous car revolution?

For about 100 years, motor vehicle driving has been the norm. The ex-vice chairman and chief product developer at General Motors, Bob Lutz, recently wrote an opinion piece called, "Kiss the Good Times Goodbye." In the op-ed, he said that human driving is coming to an end. Self-driving cars will soon become the norm.

Drunk driving accident results in bodily injury in Preston County

An all-terrain vehicle crash left victims with injuries following an incident that happened on a recent Saturday in Preston County. According to the county sheriff's department, the crash happened in Albright on Aug. 12.

Takata airbags are still a very big problem

Millions of automobiles have been recalled over faulty Takata airbags in the last several years. However, only some of them have been repaired. Countless faulty airbags are still on the road endangering consumers. You could be driving one of these vehicles right now.

The fastest and safest ways to stop your car

In dangerous roadway conditions, the faster you can stop your car while keeping it in control, the better off you'll be. As such, motor vehicle drivers in Pittsburgh might want to consider the braking techniques outlined in this article. These tips could literally save your and your family's lives.

How to avoid getting into a car accident

Want to avoid getting into a car accident? First of all, join the rest of the world. No Pennsylvania resident wants to get into a car crash. Second of all, adhere to the tips that follow. These might seem obvious, but if you do the following 10 things, you will dramatically decrease your risks of getting into a fatal or injurious crash.

Drunk driver in fatal 2016 motorcycle crash finally charged

A motorcyclist died late last year after an allegedly drunk driver struck him in Allentown. It took a year for authorities to finish organizing the criminal case against the man that killed him, but he was finally arrested and charged last week.

8-year-old pedestrian gets hurt during Pittsburgh police chase

An 8-year-old girl was seriously injured in a car crash caused by a vehicle that was fleeing officers last week. At approximately 10:40 p.m., on July 2, police spotted a vehicle traveling the wrong way down the road in Pittsburgh's Knoxville neighborhood. They quickly pursued the vehicle to pull the driver over.

Seat belts: They don't always prevent harm

If you're like most Americans, you grew up with a responsible mother who required you to wear your seat belt, and you've continued that habit into adulthood. It's certainly true that wearing a seat belt reduces your chances of serious injury and death in an auto collision exponentially; however, seat belts can cause injuries as well.

9-year-old boy dies in horse-drawn buggy crash

A 9-year-old boy died in a recent horse-drawn buggy crash. The buggy was hit by a pickup truck in Rome Township, Pennsylvania, while four additional children were riding in the buggy as passengers. The four other children were lucky to survive; however, none of them escaped the incident without injuries.

Interstate 95 accident kills 22-year-old passenger

When we get in our vehicles, we never expect to get into a car accident as well -- and we certainly don't expect to get hurt or killed. Nevertheless, this danger is real, and when we get on a fast-moving interstate or highway, we're especially at risk. A fatal Interstate 95 accident that happened last Friday morning illustrates these risks all too well.

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