Recovering For Wrongful Death Caused By Asbestos Exposure

Coping with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. Knowing that your loved one's death was related to a preventable cause like asbestos exposure makes it even harder.

At D'Amico Law Offices, L.L.C., we believe in pursuing justice for your loss. Our attorneys have helped countless families in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania through the process of filing a wrongful death claim after a loved one has died from an illness related to asbestos exposure. We can help you, too.

Why File A Lawsuit?

For some families, filing an asbestos wrongful death lawsuit seems like a way to further draw out the pain of losing a loved one. For those families that have been successful in pursuing a claim, however, it has provided a way to seek closure and justice for their loved one. It can also provide the compensation you need to pay for end-of-life expenses.

We understand how difficult the grieving process is, and we believe you should focus your energy on being with loved ones. At our firm, we will do the work for you. While we may need your input from time to time, we will do the heavy lifting so you can focus on being with your loved ones.

What Type Of Compensation Can You Receive?

The death of a loved one is not only emotionally devastating, but it can also cause serious financial problems. End-of-life medical care, funeral expenses and burial costs can all cause financial hardship for surviving family members. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can help you and your family obtain the compensation you need to cover these expenses and others.

Some of the damages you can recover from a wrongful death claim are:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Loss of support, if the decedent was the primary wage earner
  • Other financial losses

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