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Parents should look out for child restraint recalls

As the fall driving season takes hold, many will be making safety checks to their vehicles as the weather changes.  In addition to routine maintenance, conscientious drivers should also be wary of car seats and whether they are subject to recalls if they regularly drive with small children. Having a correct child safety seat, or at least being aware of any pertaining recalls is important in the event you are involved in an accident.

According to the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina, recalls on child safety seats can be made if they fail to meet federal guidelines and updates. Parents should pay particular attention to recalls initiated due to problems with upholstery and padding, as well as parts that can come loose and pose choking hazards to kids.

Recalls are also important tools for manufacturers as they help in meeting a legal responsibility to correct defects in products that may put consumers at risk. Essentially, manufacturers have a duty to use reasonable car in addressing problems that may harm consumers who use their products. Failing to use such care could subject the manufacturer to be liable to a large number of consumers. Essentially, they can seek compensation for the injuries caused by such a defective product.

Parents can check for recall lists by checking web-based lists identifying particular products that are subject to recalls. We find this notice important because parents want to do all they can to protect their children while on the road, and making sure that all restraints are in order is a great way of doing so.

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