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Pennsylvania football coaches come to rescue after car accident

A Pennsylvania car accident victim received a lucky break when he was saved by his ex-high school football coach. A group of football coaches for Nativity High School had been traveling in a bus on the way to a football game in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, when they watched a serious car accident take place right in front of their bus. The coaches immediately pulled over and tended to the accident scene.

To the coaches surprise, one of the drivers in the car accident was an ex-football player for their team, and they had coached him in 2012. One of the coaches stabilized the man's neck to ensure that he was in good condition until the paramedics arrived and transported the man to the hospital. The coaches also tended to the other individuals who were injured in the crash.

As for the ex-football player who was driving the car in the crash, one of the coaches said that he had played for their team one season and that he was a great kid. The coach said that the incident hit home for him. Most importantly, though, the injured driver was stabilized as of last reports, and after a surgery, he was recovering. In response to hearing about the good deed his coaches had done, a current player for Nativity football team said, "I think that is the reason for Nativity -- to help people and show we are just not a school, but a community."

Whenever a Pennsylvania car accident involves injuries to drivers and passengers, tending to the injuries of the accident victims is usually not the end of the story. Police will also complete an investigation to find out who is at fault for the crash. Then, those suffering from car accident injuries -- if they were hurt by the at-fault party's negligence or unlawful behavior -- may choose to pursue compensation in court for the financial costs associated with their injuries.

Source: USA Today, "Pa. football coaches stop en route to game to save car accident victims," Cam Smith, Oct. 26, 2016

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