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Dangerous product claims in Pennsylvania

Take a walk through any Target, WalMart or supermarket and you will find thousands upon thousands of consumer products manufactured to meet your every need. It's truly a miracle that so many products get produced and are cheaply available to American shoppers. It's even more of a miracle that the vast majority of these products are completely safe.

When was asbestos first used?

The use of asbestos can be traced to prehistoric times. Although asbestos became most popular during the Industrial Age due to its fire resistant properties, people in the ancient world used it too. Historians suspect that one of the first uses for the material was to use it for wicks in candles and lamps.

What is asbestos exactly?

Most Pittsburgh residents know that asbestos is dangerous and it's something to avoid contact with, but very few really know what it is and what it's used for -- nor do they know specifically why it's so dangerous to human health. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that appears naturally in the earth in six different forms: amosite, tremolite, anthophyllite, actinolite, crocidolite and chrysotile. There are other forms of asbestos but these are by far the most common.

Common types of dangerous product claims

Pittsburgh residents use countless products, pharmaceuticals and foods daily. In most cases, these products are safe and do not pose any threat or danger to the people who use them. Nevertheless, some products are extremely dangerous and could cause consumers to suffer life-threatening injuries, even when they are used appropriately.

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