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Dangerous product claims in Pennsylvania

Take a walk through any Target, WalMart or supermarket and you will find thousands upon thousands of consumer products manufactured to meet your every need. It's truly a miracle that so many products get produced and are cheaply available to American shoppers. It's even more of a miracle that the vast majority of these products are completely safe.

However, there is a very important reason why these products are safe. Consumer safety laws protect everyday Americans from manufacturers who become lax and negligent when producing goods for purchase. Whether the item is a toothbrush, a bicycle, a car, a children's toy, a food item or a pharmaceutical drug, you can rest assured that if the product is unreasonably dangerous and you get hurt by it, then you will have the ability to seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Because consumers have the power to hold negligent manufacturers accountable for damages caused by their dangerous products, manufacturers take great pains to ensure that they produce products free of defects. However, this does not prevent all product manufacturers from making simple errors. Also, it is not uncommon for a less-than-scrupulous manufacturer to try and cut corners, save money and thereby produce an unsafe product.

Pennsylvania residents injured by dangerous products can contact a personal injury law firm to evaluate whether they can pursue a financial claim for damages. Injured consumers, however, are well-advised to seek legal counsel as soon as they possibly can following an injury. Indeed, in Pennsylvania, consumer product liability claims are subject to a two-year statute of limitation. What this means is that you will only have a two-year window following your injury within which you can file a claim for damages.

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