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Examples of a dangerous product claim

Pennsylvania consumers rely on manufactured goods and products for their daily needs. They also rely on these manufactured items to be safe and free of unknown dangers. Nevertheless, manufacturers -- both those in the United States and those overseas -- sometimes make serious errors that cause an injury.

At D'Amico Law Offices in Pittsburgh, we have represented plaintiffs in a large variety of dangerous products claims. Here is sampling of the types of cases we might take on:

-- Product design claims: Sometimes there's nothing wrong with the manufacturing process and the problem with a product goes much deeper to its original design. When a product designer negligently creates a product that hurts someone, the injured party may be able to hold the designers liable.

-- Medical products claims: There have been numerous lawsuits stemming from injuries caused by bad artificial hip joints, faulty breast implants and other kinds of medical devices.

-- Packaging and labeling claims: When there is a danger related to a product, manufacturers need to inform consumers about the issue and warn them against the dangers. Failure to warn consumers, by neglecting to include special wording and notices on packages, could give rise to personal injury claims if a consumer gets hurt.

-- Seller claims: Sometimes a seller is negligent when he or she knowingly sells a dangerous product to a consumer. If a seller fails to notify the consumer about known dangers, and the consumer gets hurt, the seller might be liable for damages.

Pennsylvania consumers hurt by dangerous products may want to contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss their potential claim for damages. A lawyer can offer guidance on the viability of a potential claim and the most appropriate strategies to pursue financial compensation in court.

Source: Damico Law Offices, "Dangerous Products," accessed Feb. 16, 2017

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