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April 2017 Archives

Interstate 95 accident kills 22-year-old passenger

When we get in our vehicles, we never expect to get into a car accident as well -- and we certainly don't expect to get hurt or killed. Nevertheless, this danger is real, and when we get on a fast-moving interstate or highway, we're especially at risk. A fatal Interstate 95 accident that happened last Friday morning illustrates these risks all too well.

May I please have a nicer doctor?

Even if your surgeon came highly recommended or has been practicing medicine for decades, the doctor's manners may have turned you off. Perhaps you have seen TV doctors who are rude to their patients but practice brilliant medicine and obtain miraculous results, so you gave your surgeon the benefit of the doubt. You may have regretted this when you began to experience complications from your surgery.

Are you afraid of riding in a driverless car?

AAA conducted a survey last month to determine what North Americans thought of autonomous vehicles. The survey results showed that 18 percent of American drivers were terrified of self-driving cars and 24.8 percent of drivers wouldn't even ride in one. Meanwhile, 10 percent of drivers would feel safer with driverless vehicles on the road, and 54 percent would feel in danger.

Teachers, have you learned about asbestos risks?

As a teacher, you impact the lives of individuals all around you every day. Over the years that you participated in this profession, you likely felt that the children, parents and other teachers had a significant impact on you as well. However, one aspect you may have given little thought to is how your physical surroundings affected your health throughout the course of your career.

Dangerous product litigation claims in Pennsylvania

Imagine going to the supermarket and looking at the thousands of products available for sale. Most of these products are perfectly safe to purchase and use. However, a select few of them are exceedingly dangerous, and they could hurt you and your family. The problem is that too often consumers don't know which products these are until someone suffers harm or worse.

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