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May 2017 Archives

What is silicosis?

Being exposed to silica dust while working can put you at serious risk of developing the life-threatening and debilitating disease called "silicosis." Silicosis happens when the lung tissue is scarred and hardened by crystalline silica particles.

Physical and emotional impacts of losing a limb after a car crash

Involvement in a serious car accident can easily cause you to suffer injuries. In some cases, catastrophic injuries can occur, and you may have even lost a limb as a result. Many individuals think that this type of injury will never happen to them, but sudden and unexpected amputation can happen to anyone at anytime. This tragic outcome can have a considerable impact on your life, and you may have a difficult time moving forward.

How do you treat asbestosis?

Asbestosis does not have a cure, unfortunately, but doctors have developed a variety of treatment options. These treatments can slow the progression of asbestosis, and prolong the lives of those diagnosed with the condition. The two most common treatment options involve medication and breathing treatments. However, in some cases, doctors may recommend surgery.

Seemingly innocuous items can kill: Be careful before you buy

Before you buy a new product to put in your home -- even if it looks like the product could be very useful -- make sure to think about potential dangers before you buy it. Even the most seemingly innocuous items can cause harm to unsuspecting consumers. In fact, this is often how serious product liability cases come about.

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