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How do you treat asbestosis?

Asbestosis does not have a cure, unfortunately, but doctors have developed a variety of treatment options. These treatments can slow the progression of asbestosis, and prolong the lives of those diagnosed with the condition. The two most common treatment options involve medication and breathing treatments. However, in some cases, doctors may recommend surgery.

The ultimate goal of every asbestosis treatment is to improve the quality of life of the patient. Since asbestosis involves the lungs, and inhibits the ability of patients to take in a full breath of air, treatments focus on improving the quality and efficiency of patients' breathing.

Inhalers and various forms of medication can help patients cope. Antibiotics, aspirin and bronchodilators may help patients greatly. Oxygen therapy, humidifiers, postural drainage and chest percussion are other non-medication treatments that can improve a patient's chest congestion, chest tightness and other issues. In certain circumstances, surgical procedures to take out scar tissues can be helpful.

Under no circumstances should a patient with asbestosis smoke. Tobacco smoke has been shown to increase the severity of asbestosis and worsen the condition. Over-the-counter products like cough syrups and cough drops, however, are encouraged, unless the patient has already received a prescription version of these products.

When you or a loved one has asbestosis, the costs of medical care can be extremely high. In fact, the average individual will not be able to afford the costs of medical care, even when medical costs are paid in part by health insurance. Fortunately, legal options may exist to assist asbestosis patients to recover compensation to pay for these medical costs.

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