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Physical and emotional impacts of losing a limb after a car crash

Involvement in a serious car accident can easily cause you to suffer injuries. In some cases, catastrophic injuries can occur, and you may have even lost a limb as a result. Many individuals think that this type of injury will never happen to them, but sudden and unexpected amputation can happen to anyone at anytime. This tragic outcome can have a considerable impact on your life, and you may have a difficult time moving forward.

If another individual caused the accident that resulted in you losing a limb, you may wish to seek justice for your loss and other damages. In doing so, the impact that your injury has had on your life could play a role in any compensation awarded.

Physical impacts

Obviously, the loss of a limb has substantial physical impacts. Your body literally changes in a significant way, and as a result, your life must also change. You may find that you no longer have the ability to attend to certain tasks that you once could, and you may even have to leave your job as a result.

Physical pain also commonly occurs after such an ordeal. You may experience pain at the site of the amputation or in the remaining part of the limb, or you could also suffer from phantom limb pain. Though the latter type of pain has more to do with neurological aspects, you may still suffer immensely from phantom limb pain without much understanding as to how to address such pain.

Emotional impacts

After physically losing a part of yourself, you may experience low self-esteem and self-worth. You may develop a negative body image, and the physical and phantom pain you experience may also increase your feelings of distress and anxiety. Depression also commonly occurs after the loss of a limb as this type of injury changes your life in ways you likely never expected, and overcoming the challenges presented may prove difficult for you.

Many individuals even go through the five emotional stages that many psychologists associate with grief. You may deny that the event took place or that it affects your life, and you may feel angry that someone else caused this to happen. You may also attempt to bargain with yourself or others in hopes of somehow changing the situation. As mentioned, you may feel significant depression about your situation before eventually coming to an acceptance.

Seeking justice

As part of your healing process, you may wish to pursue a legal claim against the party considered at fault for the car accident that resulted in your catastrophic injury. This step could help you seek justice and compensation for damages. Speaking with an experienced Pennsylvania attorney could help you better understand this option.

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