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Seemingly innocuous items can kill: Be careful before you buy

Before you buy a new product to put in your home -- even if it looks like the product could be very useful -- make sure to think about potential dangers before you buy it. Even the most seemingly innocuous items can cause harm to unsuspecting consumers. In fact, this is often how serious product liability cases come about.

Let's consider a case several years ago that happened to a 32-year-old Staten Island man. He died after his Murphy Bed folded shut with him inside it. According to the family, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit following the tragic incident, the bed had defective parts, which led to the accident.

The family said that the man died while he was putting the bed together in his apartment. It snapped up unexpectedly. The corner's reported indicated that the man's death was the result of blunt force trauma to his head. The death, according to the family's attorney, happened instantaneously.

According to the family's lawsuit, part of the problem was the fact that the store sold the bed without any instructions. Allegations also stated that not all the pieces were included with the bed for a successful installation.

Although rare, Murphy Beds have been known to cause deaths over the years. Other instances were reported from different parts of the globe in 1982 and 2005. In addition, there was a report of police finding the mummified body of a 98-year-old woman trapped in a Murphy Bed, where it had been for years.

The point of all this is not that Murphy Beds are dangerous. The point is that certain items might not appear deadly when in fact they are. If you were hurt by a seemingly innocuous item, you might be able to hold the manufacturer or the seller of the dangerous or defective product financially liable for your injuries by filing a personal injury claim in civil court.

Source: Gothamist, ""Defective" Murphy Bed Killed Staten Island Man, Lawsuit Alleges," Rebecca Fishbein, accessed May 03, 2017

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