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9-year-old boy dies in horse-drawn buggy crash

A 9-year-old boy died in a recent horse-drawn buggy crash. The buggy was hit by a pickup truck in Rome Township, Pennsylvania, while four additional children were riding in the buggy as passengers. The four other children were lucky to survive; however, none of them escaped the incident without injuries.

According to police, the boy had been stopped at an intersection when his horse took off into the path of an oncoming pickup truck. During the collision, the horse was struck, and all the children were ejected from the buggy.

The surviving children were aged 3, 4, 7 and 8. They all suffered severe injuries in the accident. One child was rushed to a local hospital via a LifeStar helicopter. The other three were taken by ambulance to a closer hospital. The pickup truck driver survived without injury.

Amazingly, Pennsylvania law does not have a law that governs how old a horse-drawn carriage driver needs to be. Nor does Pennsylvania law require any kind of licensing for carriage drivers. That said, there are recommendations to use car seats that are secured into the buggies. Also, horse-drawn carriage drivers need to follow all road rules and signage, just like bicycle riders. The Pennsylvania Department Transportation has created outreach efforts designed to help keep carriage drivers safe.

Every horse-drawn carriage crash that involves injuries should be investigated for liability issues, especially if a carriage was being driven by a child and other injured children were involved. The parents of a child carriage driver, for example, might be liable for damages depending on the facts surrounding a particular accident.

Source: yourerie.com, "Young death in buggy accident highlights safety concerns," June 02, 2017

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