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How to avoid getting into a car accident

Want to avoid getting into a car accident? First of all, join the rest of the world. No Pennsylvania resident wants to get into a car crash. Second of all, adhere to the tips that follow. These might seem obvious, but if you do the following 10 things, you will dramatically decrease your risks of getting into a fatal or injurious crash.

Ten tips to prevent car accidents:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for children: Children are known to act erratically and dart out into traffic, which results in numerous collisions.
  • Keep your car in good shape: Get your engine tuned up, replace old tires and get your brakes serviced. This will help your car perform its best and safest.
  • Scan ahead: Look ahead of yourself to where you'll be in 10 to 12 seconds. This will give you extra time to react.
  • Take it slow: What is your rush? Will it be the end of the world if you get there five minutes later? When you pull into traffic, wait to be sure there's plenty of room and do it slowly.
  • Be careful at red lights: If there isn't a lineup of cars at the light and it just turned green for you, look both ways before entering the intersection. There could be a driver distracted by his or her cellphone who is about to run the red light.
  • Keep them at 10:00 and 2:00: If you look at your steering wheel like it's a clock, keep your left hand at 10:00 and your right hand at 2:00. This will help you react quickly if you need to take evasive action.
  • Look back: If you're about to back up, turn your head all the way around and look where you're going with your eyes.
  • Don't tailgate, ever: Tailgaters cause numerous accidents, and when they cause them, they're usually deemed to be the one at fault.
  • Stay calm: If someone makes a mistake, don't get angry. Stay calm and be courteous at all times to those you share the road with.

Did you get hurt in a car accident that wasn't your fault? A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer can assist you in pursuing financial claims for financial restitution and justice in court.

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