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The dangerous link between asbestos and lung cancer

You know that exposure to dangerous substances in the work place can lead to a greater chance of certain types of illnesses. If you faced exposure to certain types of products and chemicals over the course of your career in Pennsylvania, some of the health risks you face could be especially grave. For example, if you worked near asbestos, this exposure could lead to a higher chance of developing lung cancer. 

Asbestos is a group of minerals that may be in various types of materials. Found in a fibrous form, it has traditionally been a used as an insulator because it does not conduct electricity. There are two main types of asbestos, and both of them are known to cause cancer.

What you need to know about asbestos

You may be familiar with asbestos and know that it is quite dangerous for individuals exposed to this substance. However, it can also be quite useful to understand how exposure happens and your increased risk for developing a serious illness because of it. There are two main ways that asbestos can enter the body, and they are as follows:

  • Inhalation: Inhalation is the most common way that asbestos fibers enter the body. These fibers can float in the air during mining and production processes, but also during the demolition or renovation of older buildings that contain this substance.
  • Swallowing: In some cases, asbestos may enter the body through swallowing. This most often happens when a person ingests contaminated food or drinks.

There are various ways that people may face exposure to asbestos. However, the most common and most deadly exposure happens for individuals who worked or handled materials containing asbestos as part of their jobs. Occupational exposure to this dangerous substance could lead to an eventual diagnosis of lung cancer.

Your chance of developing lung cancer

Both medical studies of exposed individuals and lab studies confirm the relationship between asbestos exposure and the risk of developing lung cancer. If you handled, inhaled or ingested this material in any amount, you are also at risk. Studies indicate that most workers who develop lung cancer because of asbestos usually do so within 15 years of exposure.

If you developed lung cancer as the result of asbestos exposure on the job, you could have a rightful claim to compensation. You deserve to know how the exposure happened and if it was preventable. Time is of the essence, so if you believe that you have a claim, you would be wise to secure assistance as soon as possible.

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