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Takata airbags are still a very big problem

Millions of automobiles have been recalled over faulty Takata airbags in the last several years. However, only some of them have been repaired. Countless faulty airbags are still on the road endangering consumers. You could be driving one of these vehicles right now.

Even consumers who want to get their potentially dangerous airbag repaired may find that their local dealership is out of replacement airbag parts, and cannot make the fix. These consumers are being forced to continue driving vehicles in which the airbag could inadvertently explode and shoot hot metal shrapnel throughout the passenger compartment. The risks of an exploding airbag are especially dangerous during the hot summer months. Eighteen deaths and 180 injuries throughout the world are blamed on Takata airbags so far.

If you have an automobile affected by a Takata airbag and you haven't gotten it fixed yet, you may want to consider buying a new vehicle immediately. To make matters worse, Takata has only agreed to set aside $125 million to compensate injured victims. As such, if you or a family member does get seriously hurt by a Takata airbag, there may not be enough money available to compensate you and the numerous other victims who are likely to suffer injuries as a result of these deadly devices.

Only time will tell what happens during the litigation of Takata-related lawsuits; however, the outlook is not good. As such, anyone in Pennsylvania with a potential Takata lawsuit may want to step forward as soon as possible. Also, if you have a potentially affected car, it is much better to replace the vehicle than face the potential of getting seriously injured or killed.

Source: Slate, "Who Will Pay for Takata’s Future Victims?," Libby Lewis, accessed Aug. 18, 2017

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