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The fastest and safest ways to stop your car

In dangerous roadway conditions, the faster you can stop your car while keeping it in control, the better off you'll be. As such, motor vehicle drivers in Pittsburgh might want to consider the braking techniques outlined in this article. These tips could literally save your and your family's lives.

Use and practice these three braking techniques:

  1. Brake Turning: If you apply the brakes mildly while going into a turn, the weight of the car leans forward into the front tires, which gives them more steering grip.
  2. Trail braking: If you feather the brakes during a turning maneuver, it's also an effective way to stay in control of your car.
  3. Emergency braking: Never be afraid of using your brakes if you have ABS, just push the pedal all the way down. If you don't have ABS, push your pedal 70 percent and feel the condition of your car. If it goes into a slide, pump the brakes in a way that prevents you from going out of control.

Modern cars are all equipped with antilock braking systems. If the ABS system is in proper working order, you can put your foot all the way to the ground when applying the brakes to stop as quickly as possible. The ABS system will intermittently release the brakes for fractions of instances to prevent the wheels from going into a slide. This allows you to stop as quickly as possible in any kind of potentially slippery situations.

Sometimes, no amount of good braking technique is enough to help you stop to avoid a crash. A negligent or unlawful driver could surprise you and you won't have enough time. If you or a family member gets injured in such a situation, know that you may be able to pursue financial restitution and justice in Pennsylvania civil court.

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