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September 2017 Archives

The dangers of metal-on-metal hip implants

Do you have a metal-on-metal hip implant? This is a hip replacement device that utilizes a metal ball joint that fits into a metal socket. These devices were designed to last many years. The problem is that the metal scraping on metal can release metal particles into your body, and this can result in serious health consequences.

Not all catastrophic injuries are physical

Driving in downtown Pittsburgh or on other busy Pennsylvania roadways can be downright frightening at times. If you're a cautious and alert driver, you're likely to reach your destination safely, that is, unless another motorist nearby doesn't have the same safe driving habits as you. In fact, you could driving along safely and happily one minute and lying in a hospital bed the next if someone runs a red light, fails to stop at stop sign or veers across the center line of traffic, hitting your vehicle.

Did you know that Steve McQueen died from mesothelioma?

Most people aren't aware that renowned actor Steve McQueen died of mesothelioma. However, most people do know that he enjoyed cigarettes, alcohol and racing motorcycles. It was in 1978 that the actor started to get sick. Initially, his doctors didn't think much of it and they told the actor to cut back on the drinking and smoking.

Drunk driving accident results in bodily injury in Preston County

An all-terrain vehicle crash left victims with injuries following an incident that happened on a recent Saturday in Preston County. According to the county sheriff's department, the crash happened in Albright on Aug. 12.

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