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Did you know that Steve McQueen died from mesothelioma?

Most people aren't aware that renowned actor Steve McQueen died of mesothelioma. However, most people do know that he enjoyed cigarettes, alcohol and racing motorcycles. It was in 1978 that the actor started to get sick. Initially, his doctors didn't think much of it and they told the actor to cut back on the drinking and smoking.

It wasn't until much later that they decided to do a chest x-ray on McQueen. Doctors found tumors in his lungs and discovered that the movie star was suffering from metastatic mesothelioma. As an avid motorcycle lover and mechanic, McQueen was constantly being exposed to asbestos, which lined the pipes of motorcycles in his day. Due to his constant exposure to asbestos, he contracted mesothelioma like many other mechanics and construction workers throughout the U.S.

Unfortunately for McQueen, by the time his doctors found the condition, it was too late to do surgery. It had already metastasized. The doctors of the day tried their best to save him, but ultimately the treatment methods for metastasized mesothelioma back then were extremely limited. McQueen is said to have died after suffering complications after surgery to remove a tumor related to his cancer.

If you or your loved one is suffering from mesothelioma, it's important to get a diagnosis and start treatment as early as possible. Pennsylvania workers diagnosed with mesothelioma may also be able to seek workers' compensation benefits to help pay for their medical care, in addition to workers' compensation wage replacement benefits in cases where a worker becomes disabled due to this disease.

Source: The Truth About Cancer, "The Untold, Real Story of Actor Steve McQueen’s Death from Cancer (video)," Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, accessed Sep. 14, 2017

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