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Not all catastrophic injuries are physical

Driving in downtown Pittsburgh or on other busy Pennsylvania roadways can be downright frightening at times. If you're a cautious and alert driver, you're likely to reach your destination safely, that is, unless another motorist nearby doesn't have the same safe driving habits as you. In fact, you could driving along safely and happily one minute and lying in a hospital bed the next if someone runs a red light, fails to stop at stop sign or veers across the center line of traffic, hitting your vehicle.

The after-effects of a serious automobile accident can be devastating. Not all your injuries might be visible, however. Some of the most difficult recoveries involve injuries that are psychological or emotional, not physical. Depending on the details of your accident, the emotional trauma that doesn't go away after the signs of your accident disappear from the roadway could plague you.

Signs of psychological and emotional injuries

If you suffer emotional or psychological injury, you might not be immediately aware of your own suffering. If you wake up in the hospital, your main focus would likely be getting in touch with your family and getting well enough physically to be able to go home. In the weeks and months following your accident, if you (or your loved ones) notice any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you suffered injuries beyond bodily harm:

  • Memory loss: It's normal to be forgetful at times; however, if your memory problems seem to increase following a car accident, you may want to speak to a doctor about it.
  • Trouble sleeping: It's also understandable that you'd have trouble getting a good night's sleep if you're in physical pain or recently survived a serious collision. If restful sleep completely escapes you, however, it may be a sign of an underlying emotional or psychological injury.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: If you suffer anxiety attacks, experience irrational fear, or jump out of your skin at the slightest noise, it's a definite sign that all is not well with you, mentally.
  • Inability to focus your thoughts: If you're obsessed with thinking about and talking about your accident to the point that you're having problems functioning on a daily basis, it may signify a severe emotional or psychological injury.

Such injuries may disable you temporarily or permanently. If you can't remember even basic information or frequently wake up from nightmares, it may prove very difficult or impossible to return to work or perform normal daily living tasks without assistance. Talking with others who have suffered similar injuries in car accidents may help.

It can also be very therapeutic to seek justice against any negligent motorist who caused your injury. There's a practical reason for doing so as well, as medical care, counseling and other expenses related to your accident may be something you're completely unprepared to meet. You may pursue the means for alleviating the financial strain associated with your injuries through the courts.

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