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What are the dangers of drop-side cribs?

Drop-side cribs have long been an important component of child rearing in U.S. households. However, these useful products have caused thousands of injuries to babies over the last few years. They've even resulted in dozens of baby deaths.

These cribs seem so useful, the way they allow parents to take their babies out of them so easily. However, every time parents put their baby inside a drop-side crib, they are placing their baby at risk of serious and potentially fatal injuries.

Because of the numerous deaths and injuries, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) implemented a ban on drop-side cribs in June 2011. However, numerous drop-side cribs continue to be used by families throughout the United States, and in many cases these cribs are passed on to friends and family members.

Drop-side cribs are equipped with a feature that lets both side panels slide up or down to put the baby inside and out. However, these dangerous features can slide up or down when the baby is inside and not being monitored. This can result in a baby getting strangled or suffocated if his or her head is trapped in the gap.

Parents who have a drop-side crib should immediately stop using these dangerous products to prevent the injury and/or death of their babies. Parents should also keep an eye out for other potentially dangerous baby products that could be in their possession. If your baby gets hurt by a defective or dangerous infant product, you may want to consider pursuing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania court to seek financial compensation to pay for your baby's medical care and other damages.

Source: FindLaw, "Drop-side cribs," accessed Sep. 08, 2017

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