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Crib tents: Why they're dangerous for babies

Crib tents are supposed to keep your baby safe by preventing him or her from climbing out of the crib. However, they've proved to be far more dangerous than helpful.

Crib tents should be avoided, primarily because they're made from mesh that easily tears. Holes form in the material when your toddler pokes exploring fingers into it. Your baby's head and arms can then get tangled or trapped in the material leading to serious — even fatal — choking and other hazards. Considering these dangers, crib tents just aren't worth the risk, especially because there are equally useful alternatives.

Toddler beds are probably the best alternative to crib tents. These beds are great for babies who have a habit of climbing out of their cribs. Crib tents are like dangerous cages for your baby. Alternatively, toddler beds are a safer option.

It's said that those want to control their sheep offer them wide meadows. As such, toddler beds offer freedom rather than confinement, and you may find that your toddler quickly adjusts to the new arrangements.

Toddler beds look like normal beds, but are generally low to the ground so that if your child rolls off the bed, he or she won't get hurt. They come with mini mattresses that are the perfect size for 2- and 3-year-old kids. Most toddlers adapt to their toddler beds. Those who are prone to falling out can adjust quickly and learn to remain securely on it.

If your toddler was hurt by a defective crib tent, you might have a viable claim for financial damages, should you wish to pursue one in civil court. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate your potential claim for damages in this regard.

Source: My Mommy Style, "Secretly dangerous baby products you should avoid," accessed Oct. 13, 2017

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