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Was your child injured during birth? You may have a case

Expecting baby is an exciting time for a Pennsylvania family, but this excitement can be marred if there are complications during birth. If your child suffered birth injuries, it could be the result of a preventable error or mistake committed by the doctor, nurse or other medical professional. Birth injuries can be quite serious, some having a permanent impact on the life of the child.

If your child experienced an injury during birth, you would be wise to fully explore your legal options. It is possible that your family could be eligible for financial compensation for your losses as well as future care needed for your baby. This is understandably a complex and difficult time, but you do not have to navigate it alone.

Why do birth injuries happen?

Birth injuries happen for many reasons. Some of these reasons relate to lack of monitoring, failure to intervene, unnecessary interventions, mistakes, misdiagnosis of a problem and more. If you do not fully understand what happened or want to learn more about the possibility of a civil claim, you would be wise to reach out for help as soon as possible after your child suffered a birth injury.

Types of birth injuries

There are different types of birth injuries. Some injuries are minor, and babies can recover to lead full and healthy lives. However, serious birth injuries can have a direct impact on a baby's ability to function normally, live without help and enjoy a certain quality of life. Some of the most serious birth injuries include the following:

  • Paralysis of the face: This happens when the baby's facial nerve receives damage, possibly due to forceps or the use of a vacuum. If there was tearing of the nerve, the baby may require surgery.
  • Fractures: It is possible that the actions of the doctor could lead to the baby suffering a fracture during the birthing process. Collarbone fractures are a common type of birth-related fracture.
  • Brachial palsy: This injury happens when damage occurs to a particular group of nerves in the baby's shoulder. This can lead to problems with range of motion and potentially permanent nerve damage.

You have the right to take your child's birth injury seriously, acting as an advocate for your baby. You can fight for his or her full recovery, pursuing rightful compensation to cover both your current medical needs and financial concerns, as well as your future ones.

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