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Are we heading toward an autonomous car revolution?

For about 100 years, motor vehicle driving has been the norm. The ex-vice chairman and chief product developer at General Motors, Bob Lutz, recently wrote an opinion piece called, "Kiss the Good Times Goodbye." In the op-ed, he said that human driving is coming to an end. Self-driving cars will soon become the norm.

Experts seem to disagree as to when the self-driving revolution will have completely decimated the human-driven vehicle revolution. Some say that it will happen within 20 years and others say it will take 50 to 70 years before human drivers are completely obsolete.

According to Bob Lutz, who is responsible for the Dodge Viper, we're coming to the end of the automotive era. After hundreds of years of horse-driven vehicles, and around 120 years of human-driven vehicles, here comes the future: robot-driven cars.

Arguably, the sea change that will inevitably occur regarding self-driven cars is a good thing from a personal injury perspective. Indeed, autonomous vehicles don't get drunk, they don't look at their cellphones, they don't try to drive while eating, they don't drive while sleep deprived, they don't speed, they don't tailgate and they don't do countless other negligent, reckless and unlawful things that cause the vast majority of car crashes. Can you see how lives will be saved by the autonomous vehicle revolution?

In the meantime, we have at least several more decades of human driving and all the dangers and risks that come along with it. Also in the meantime, those who get hurt in car crashes caused by any of the wrongful behaviors described in the last paragraph can hold negligent drivers accountable for causing their injuries.

Source: The Drive, "Is the Entire Car Industry Really Doomed?," Alex Roy, Nov. 13, 2017

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