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Asbestos: What is pleural thickening?

Due to modern laws that exist to protect workers from asbestos exposure, in addition to laws that prohibit the use of asbestos in certain industrial applications, one might be tempted to think that modern workers are not likely to contract a disease related to this substance. However, it's estimated that asbestos-related diseases still kill thousands of workers in the United States every year.

While it's true that not everyone who makes contact with asbestos is going to contract a serious illness, regular and continual exposure to asbestos has been proven to lead to a host of serious and fatal illnesses. One of those illnesses is known as "pleural thickening" and like most asbestos-caused diseases, pleural thickening relates to the lungs.

Pleural thickening happens when the pleura (or the lining of the lung) swells and thickens. This condition may worsen over time -- especially without treatment. As it worsens, the lung tissue can get squeezed, and this will cause shortness of breath and discomfort in the patient.

In its worst form, pleural thickening can result in restrictive lung disease. The symptoms of this include a lower lung volume and increasing problems with breathing.

When a patient is suffering from problems with breathing caused by asbestos exposure, the condition and symptoms can be terrifying and fatal. As such, it's important to get medical treatment for any asbestos-related lung condition immediately. For workers who are worried that they may not have enough money to pay for medical care, a successfully navigated workers' compensation claim and/or personal injury claim may help them obtain the money they need.

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