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Do this if your car starts to slide on an icy road

During the winter months, an icy road can spell disaster for motorists and their passengers -- especially if you don't know how to safely control your car in icy conditions. Unfortunately, most drivers just don't have enough icy driving experience -- and they haven't been in enough dangerous ice scenarios -- to know how their vehicles will respond to such conditions.

This article aims to correct your lack of icy driving skills. By following these three tips when your car starts to slide on ice, you and your passengers will have a better chance of surviving the ordeal:

  • The first thing to remember is to refrain from using your brakes. Slamming on your brakes will only cause your wheels to freeze, which will make the slide even more out of control. Your wheels need to keep turning freely if you're going to get out of this dangerous situation.
  • Next, you want to turn your wheels in the same direction that the back of your car is sliding. If your back is sliding right, turn your steering wheel right. If the back of your car is sliding left, turn your steering wheel left. Keep your eyes directed toward the direction you hope to go.
  • Don't overcorrect. Only turn your steering wheel for as long as it takes for your car to start snapping back in the other direction. You may need to again turn your steering wheel to correct back into the other direction. Do this gently, don't panic and don't overcorrect, as it could make the slide worse and even more out of control.

Drivers need to operate their vehicles carefully to avoid icy car accidents. They should lower their speeds, turn on their lights and give the cars around them plenty of room. If a driver failed to drive appropriately in icy conditions and injured you in an accident, this driver may have been negligent and he or she might be financially liable to pay for your damages.

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