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Phthalates: A health risk in numerous products

Phthalates are a classification of chemical that you can find in a wide variety of products. The "ph" is silent and, in many respects, the potentially deadly effects of these chemicals are also silent and invisible.

You can find phthalates in shower curtains, rubber duckies and other plastic products. Manufacturers add phthalates to products in order to make the products more flexible and soft, but don't be fooled by texture. Just because they're soft, doesn't mean that they're safe. The biggest problems appear when manufacturers add phthalates to nail polish, lipstick, perfume, shampoo and food.

The most dangerous type of phthalate is known as DEHP. Scientists have found that people who eat a diet rich in dairy and meat have the highest exposure to phthalates, which is double that other nonmeat and dairy eaters. Phthalates can also be found in macaroni and cheese made from boxes. Foods that get processed with equipment and end up on conveyor belts during processing are most likely to contain phthalates. As such, people who eat the most fast food have a higher exposure to phthalates and they're more likely to have more of it in their systems. Phthalates can also enter your body through cosmetics, perfumes, lipsticks, deodorants and countless other products.

Scientists aren't clear about what levels of phthalates are safe for humans to contain in their bodies, but readers of this blog may want to note the dangers associated with phthalate-containing products. They may also want to look for products labeled "DEHP-free," to prevent further exposure.

If you or a family member suffered injury or illness because of toxic chemicals in household, beauty or food products, you might want to investigate whether you can pursue a financial claim for damages.

Source: Health, "What Are Phthalates–and Are They Bad for Your Health?," Jessica Migala, Dec. 04, 2017

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