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Keep your kids safe: Know the risks and dangers of airsoft guns

Airsoft guns use compressed gas, springs or electrical firing systems to shoot pellets. Usually, these pellets are filled with paint and may be used in paintball games, firearms practice and even in the movie industry. These guns are supposed to simulate combat situations and the use of them is growing in popularity among children and adults alike.

Don't let the use of the word "soft" in the name of these guns fool you. There are many safety concerns related to airsoft guns -- not the least of which relates to the fact that these guns often resemble real guns. This has resulted in horrible instances of people being shot and killed by police after officers thought they had real guns.

Parents who buy airsoft guns for their kids, and adults who use guns, need to remember that these are weapons -- they are not merely toys -- and they can inflict serious harm. In 2005, for example, a study found that 19,675 injuries were treated in emergency rooms in the United States for injuries caused by nonpowder guns, which include airsoft guns and BB guns. Seventy-one percent of these injuries happened to people under the age of 21.

Airsoft gun-related injuries happen throughout the country on a weekly basis. Sometimes those injuries occur on at a paintball facility due to the property owner's negligence. Other times, they occur after police suspected an airsoft gun was a weapon. There are many ways these weapons can result in injury due to no fault of the person who is wielding the device. If you or your child suffered an airsoft gun injury, you might want to investigate whether you have the legal right to pursue a claim for financial damages against a potentially liable party.

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