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Study finds benzene in e-cigarettes

If you quit smoking as one of your New Year resolutions, you may already be struggling in these first few weeks. There is no denying the health benefits you will gain by giving up cigarettes, especially if you have heart disease or cancer in your family health history.

One way in which many begin their journey to a smoke-free life is by switching to e-cigarettes, or vaping. Manufacturers market e-cigs as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, having fewer of the harmful chemicals typical in most cigarettes. However, a recent university study says vaping may not be as safe as you think.

Cancer-causing substance

E-cigs offer the option of adjusting the level of intensity you wish to experience when using the device. The results of the recent study show that the higher the power level of your e-cig, the more benzene you take into your system. Medical research has linked benzene to leukemia, aplastic anemia and other diseases of the bone marrow. As a component of gasoline, benzene is also an extremely toxic part of urban pollution derived from leaking fuel tanks and automobile exhaust.

While advocates of vaping say that you would have to have your e-cig set for maximum power to achieve toxic levels, the study revealed these concerning findings:

  • Devices in the study emitted benzene when set at power levels deemed safe by the manufactures.
  • The benzene delivered by the e-cigs was thousands of times higher than the levels emitted into urban air.
  • Environmental studies already label benzene in the atmosphere as a cancer risk.
  • The risk of benzene exposure is higher with variable power e-cigs.
  • Researchers also studied the liquids you may use in your e-cig and identified 15 other chemicals that may cause health problems.

While studies suggest that e-cigs are safer than regular cigarettes, this does not necessarily mean that vaping is safer than smoking. Additionally, if you began to vape because marketing for e-cigs convinced you it was safe and healthy, you may be alarmed if you are experiencing negative side effects from your vaping.

Leukemia is difficult to treat, as are other diseases related to benzene exposure. These diseases often require long, painful and experimental treatments to prolong your life. If you switched to vaping for a safer alternative to smoking, you may end up regretting your choice if it leads to your exposure to cancer-causing substances like benzene.

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