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The most common motor vehicle accident cases

No two motor vehicle accident cases are the same. Nevertheless, there are some cases that lawyers continue to see again and again. Let's take a look at some of the most common types of car accident cases we see at the Damico Law Offices LLC:

Drunk driver accidents

Drunk drivers are the dirge of society. They recklessly get behind the wheel and endanger the lives of others when they can barely even walk or talk -- let alone navigate the risks and dangers of Pittsburgh traffic. When one of these unconscionable drunk drivers hurts you or your family, the law will almost always support you in the pursuit of a personal injury claim against the driver.

Passenger injury claims against their own driver

Just because you get into a vehicle with someone as a passenger does not mean that you have to accept the risks they take. This person is responsible for your life. If the driver of a vehicle you were riding in decides to speed, gets into an accident and you get hurt. That driver will be financially responsible for your costs and damages.

Semitruck accidents

Semitruck drivers must follow a different set of rules and regulations and these rules and regulations could become a factor in lawsuits stemming from any accident caused by a semitruck driver. For example, truck drivers cannot operate their commercial vehicles longer than a set number of hours in a row and they can't work more than a set number of hours each week as they could become too fatigued to safely operate their vehicles.

There are many more kinds of common car accident scenarios. The examples referenced above are just several. The bottom line is this: If you were hurt by a negligent or unlawful driver, you may want to learn about your legal rights and options to pursue financial compensation in court.

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