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February 2018 Archives

Thousands of defective Ventolin asthma inhalers recalld

Imagine you go to the doctor for your asthma condition and you receive a prescription for an inhaler that's supposed to treat your condition. The problem is, the inhaler isn't delivering the right amount of medicine when administering a dose, and this is putting your life at risk.

Has your job made you sick?

In Pennsylvania and nearby states, many laborers earn their livings in construction, industrial work or other jobs that could place them at risk for injury or ill health conditions. You may recall that Pittsburgh played a significant role in the nation's industrial history; in fact, it was a leading hub of progress in the industrial revolution, worldwide. The Steel City continues to make headline news for its renaissance efforts and participation in modern architectural, cultural and business trends that attract new residents and provide career opportunities for many.

Dangerous products: Pocket bike warnings

There are numerous dangerous products on the market that could injure you or your family members. One of those items is known as the "pocket bike." This is not a bike that you can fit in your pocket. It's a miniature motorized bicycle that looks like a little motorcycle. When riders use the device, they will be hunched over with their knees bent, and they will appear as if they are a giants on little miniature motorbikes.

What are the dangers associated with silicosis?

Workers who are employed in industries that involve sandblasting, tile- and stone-cutting run the risk of contracting a devastating condition known as silicosis. Inhaling silica dust causes workers to develop this respiratory condition, which is not unlike emphysema.

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