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Dangerous products: Pocket bike warnings

There are numerous dangerous products on the market that could injure you or your family members. One of those items is known as the "pocket bike." This is not a bike that you can fit in your pocket. It's a miniature motorized bicycle that looks like a little motorcycle. When riders use the device, they will be hunched over with their knees bent, and they will appear as if they are a giants on little miniature motorbikes.

The problem with so-called pocket bikes is how fast they can go. These mini motorcycles can speed along the roadway at 40 to 50 miles per hour, making one stop to wonder: How can these be legal?

The legality of these contraptions is certainly questionable. Some areas of the United States have outright banned them and made them illegal to use on public roads. The laws are always changing, so owners of pocket bikes may want to stay apprised of the current rules and regulations in their areas.

Owners of pocket bikes may also want to consider selling them. A motorcycle is dangerous enough as it is; one that doesn't fit you, one that is difficult to maneuver because it's so small and one that goes so fast and so low to the ground -- making visibility difficult -- is even more dangerous.

Don't risk your life or a family member's life by riding a pocket bike. Also, if you have been injured by one of these devices, in some circumstances the injuries might not be your fault. By fully understanding the circumstances of your accident, you can evaluate your legal rights and options.

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