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Has your job made you sick?

In Pennsylvania and nearby states, many laborers earn their livings in construction, industrial work or other jobs that could place them at risk for injury or ill health conditions. You may recall that Pittsburgh played a significant role in the nation's industrial history; in fact, it was a leading hub of progress in the industrial revolution, worldwide. The Steel City continues to make headline news for its renaissance efforts and participation in modern architectural, cultural and business trends that attract new residents and provide career opportunities for many.

The problem is that, if you go to school, work or live in an environment that contains hidden dangers to your health, you may not realize the harm it has done until it's too late. In employment situations, your employer is responsible for making you aware of known health risks associated with your job and also with providing the proper training and equipment to keep you safe.

Many Pittsburgh jobs pose asbestos-related risks

Whether you grew up in Pittsburgh or came to the city or a nearby suburb as a transplant, you have likely enjoyed watching barges and other commerce boats sail up and down the three rivers. You may also have family members who have worked in the city's steel mills or coal factories. Perhaps you are a construction worker who takes pride in building renovation. All of these areas can be at risk for ill health conditions caused by asbestos exposure. The following list includes symptoms to be aware of if you or a loved one works in a high-risk area:

  • If you have a lingering cough or your voice sounds hoarse when you try to speak, it warrants a trip to the doctor to discuss possible illness due to asbestos exposure.
  • As you age, it's not uncommon to encounter challenges concerning food intake. However, if, at any time, you have trouble swallowing and had come in contact with asbestos, you may want to seek a medical diagnosis for your condition.
  • Perhaps you've noticed that you really don't feel like eating at all. This decrease in appetite may be the sign of serious illness.
  • Chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling or fatigue are also major warning signs of possible asbestos-related illness.

In addition to a thorough physical examination, your doctor may want to order an x-ray, biopsy or other specialized test to help determine whether you have asbestosis, mesothelioma or some other asbestos-related illness. Treatments for such illnesses vary, although most care is simply palliative in nature.

Seeking justice when negligence is a factor

If your employer or another responsible party failed to adhere to safety protocol and asbestos regulations, it's understandable you'd want to seek justice, knowing that fulfillment of such obligations may have prevented your illness.

Other workers in Pennsylvania, and many in West Virginia and other nearby states, have pursued asbestos litigation to pursue just compensation for their suffering.

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