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What’s the best kind of car seat for your baby?

Rear-facing car seats aren't the best option if parents want to watch their baby's smiling face from the rearview mirror. However, they are the best option if parents want to keep their children safe in the event of a serious crash. Recently, Ohio State University Injury Biomechanics Research Center scientists confirmed through a thorough safety study that rear-facing seats are the superior choice when it comes to keeping small children safe.

According to researchers, rear-facing seats are best for children who are under the age of 3. As children grow older, the best choice is the more traditional forward-facing design.

The instant study published by Ohio State University didn't necessarily reveal unfamiliar findings. Most safety experts agreed that rear-facing seats were best for young toddlers based on previous testing that proved the seats offered the highest level of protection for young children in side-impact and front-impact wrecks. What safety experts didn't know until this more recent study, however, was whether the seats measured up in rear-impact collisions. Now, parents can rest easy knowing that – even though their babies aren't facing the front – they are safest when facing the back, even if the crash happens from behind.

Did your baby get hurt in a motor vehicle collision in spite of your best efforts to keep him or her safe? You might want to determine whether a design defect or manufacturing error caused your baby's car seat to be unsafe. In some cases, negligent or unlawful car seat makers can be held financially accountable for injuries that result from design flaws and manufacturing mistakes.

Source: CBS New York, "Consumer Alert: Rear-Facing Car Seats Put To The Test," April 03, 2018

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