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Did one of these surgical errors cause your suffering?

Undergoing surgery in a Pennsylvania hospital or some other medical facility in another state is not typically a pleasant experience. If the situation that prompted a need for your surgery was an emergency, you may endure far-reaching and long-lasting consequences that forever change your life. We place our trust in doctors, surgeons, nurses and other hospital team members when we seek any type of medical care.  

That's why it's infuriating to think that many medical patients suffer serious injuries, illnesses or even death when licensed professionals act negligently during their course of treatment. One simply can't undo some mistakes. It's critical that you understand your rights as a medical patient and also a good idea to research state laws and where to seek support ahead of time before receiving any type of medical treatment. 

Most common surgical errors in the nation 

The good news is that Pennsylvania law allows you to seek full recovery for your losses if medical negligence causes you or your loved one injury. The following list shows the most frequently reported surgical errors that often lead to medical malpractice litigation. 

Surgeons operating on wrong patients: One can only imagine the horror of learning that a surgeon performed an operation on a particular patient intended for someone else! If you have suffered from this type of gross medical error, there are support networks in place to help you take immediate action to pursue legal accountability against the party or parties deemed liable.  

Foreign objects left inside bodies: Many medical patients suffer serious infections when surgical teams fail to remove gauze, surgical tools or other items from inside their bodies. Hours or days may pass before symptoms show and patients are able to obtain diagnoses as to the causes of their discomforts. 

Incorrect surgical procedures: There is a document trail -- or at least there should be -- that follows every medical patient. It wouldn't seem likely that a surgeon would perform the wrong procedure on a patient, but it has been known to happen. Not only does such negligence subject a person to needless surgery, but if the doctor did not perform the correct surgical procedure, his or her initial condition necessitating surgery may worsen.  

Wrong-site surgeries: Perhaps your surgeon performed the correct procedure -- for instance, a knee replacement surgery -- but did the operation on the wrong knee! This type of surgical error ranks high on most lists of medical malpractice issues.  

Surgical errors may cause you temporary or permanent disability. Even if you are fortunate enough to achieve a complete recovery from your injury or illness, getting to that point may be a long and arduous process. In situations later deemed to have been entirely preventable, were it not for substandard medical care, you should have to bear the full burden of financial expenses associated with your situation.  

Pennsylvania law is on your side       

Suffering illness or injury from a medical malpractice incident can be emotionally traumatizing as well. It may help to speak with others who have gone through similar experiences. Another part of your coping process might include pursuing justice for the unnecessary risk you faced when a licensed professional failed to uphold accepted practice standards.

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