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June 2018 Archives

Drivers may want to consider safer options for 'infotainment'

Driving to work in the morning while listening to your favorite audio recordings and music could be one of your favorite moments during the day. You may also enjoy talking to friends on the phone or taken advantage of your vehicles navigation software to prevent getting lost. However, when it comes to the way you access entertainment and multimedia features in your vehicle, some ways have proven to be a lot safer than others.

Motorcycle safety: The statistics reveal all

There's no doubt that driving a motorcycle with the wind against your skin through the country roads of Pennsylvania is one of the most invigorating experiences you could have. There's also no doubt that a motorcycle can be a very dangerous piece of equipment when you don't drive it properly.

Are your symptoms related to asbestos on the job?

You may be surprised to learn that a health hazard you were exposed to 10 – 40 years ago may have only recently begun to present symptoms. If you have ever worked in a Pittsburgh steel mill, one of the city's old school or library buildings or lived in an area near such structures, your symptoms may be signs that you have suffered an asbestos injury.  

Kia recalls vehicles to prevent fatal air bag injuries

The Japanese air bag manufacturer, Takata, has been showing up in the news every other week for the last decade. The air bag maker manufactured tens of millions of deadly air bags that have ended up in vehicles throughout the world, resulting in a constant stream of recalls. In fact, so many recalls have occurred that it will be impossible for the world to fix all of the affected cars. This fact, however, has not deterred Kia from issuing yet another Takata-related air bag recall of 507,000 defective cars before it has even determined a solution to the problem.

Massive Spam recall to prevent injury from metal fragments

Can you imagine biting into a sandwich and feeling the crunch of metal against your teeth? Can you imagine suffering an injury after eating a seemingly innocuous product that you purchased at the grocery store? Although you can imagine such a circumstance, you probably don't think it would ever happen to you. That's because, as Americans, we've come to trust the safety of products we purchase from grocery stores. Nevertheless, accidents during the manufacturing of food products do happen and sometimes American consumers are harmed by them.

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