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July 2018 Archives

Ford Escapes and Fusions could roll away while in park

It doesn't matter if you purchase an expensive luxury vehicle or an economy-style sedan. If you spend thousands of dollars on a car, you expect it to be free of dangerous defects that could potentially harm or kill you and other people on the road. This, however, is not what those who purchased certain Ford vehicles received. Ford recently announced a recall of over 500,000 cars for dangerous parking feature defects.

Should I stop using Johnson & Johnson baby powder?

Many corporations negotiate a fair settlement with victims after their products cause cancer, illness or death. However, in the face of alarming evidence to the contrary, Johnson & Johnson has fought tooth and nail to perpetuate the idea that its asbestos-containing baby powder products are safe, even for use on babies, when in fact they are not.

Did you suffer the loss of a loved one in a Pennsylvania crash?

When you learned that there had been a Pennsylvania car accident involving one of your loved ones, you may have felt as though the world dropped out from beneath your feet. Whether the initial impact of the collisions took your family member's life, or he or she survived his or her injuries for hours or days before death occurred, you immediately knew your life would never be the same.  

Does talcum powder cause cancer?

Talcum powder, which many people refer to as baby powder, has numerous uses. Mothers sprinkle it on their babies when changing diapers to prevent rashes. Many people also use talcum powder on their bodies after they bathe for hygiene purposes and it's found in numerous beauty products and makeups. The problem is, the naturally occurring mineral -- talc -- can also contain potentially cancer-causing elements which have caused serious problems for women who apply talcum powder to their genital areas.

3 common car accident causes most people never think about

When Pennsylvania motorists are navigating traffic, they don't have a running tally of all the car accident causes in their minds. In fact, the average driver probably isn't even thinking about the possibility of a car accident at all. Nevertheless, the following three issues commonly cause fatal or injurious collisions. Therefore, it's important for motorists to be aware of them.

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