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Did you suffer the loss of a loved one in a Pennsylvania crash?

When you learned that there had been a Pennsylvania car accident involving one of your loved ones, you may have felt as though the world dropped out from beneath your feet. Whether the initial impact of the collisions took your family member's life, or he or she survived his or her injuries for hours or days before death occurred, you immediately knew your life would never be the same.  

Nothing on earth can replace the life of a human being. No one mourns through the exact same process. You hopefully have a strong support network in place to help you cope with your great loss. There are often community groups where people who have suffered tragedies can gather to encourage and support one another. Many people go through similar processes when grieving the sudden, unexpected loss of a close family member.  

People often mourn in stages 

You may have experienced utter shock when you learned that your loved one had succumbed to injury in a motor vehicle collision. Shock or disbelief is often the first symptom of a sudden death grieving process. The following list includes other emotions that are common to those who are mourning: 

  • Deep sorrow: As you learn to go on in life without your spouse, child or parent, you will no doubt continue to feel sad when you think of all the accident has caused you to lose. You will always miss your loved one, but hopefully you will one day feel peace. 
  • Anger and frustration: Especially in situations that were preventable, such as a drunk driving accident, it's understandable that you may feel angry at the person who caused your loved one's death. Some people even experience anger at the family member who died, even if he or she was not at fault in any way. 
  • Personal culpability: Those who survive a loved one's sudden death often feel guilty, especially if they were traveling with them at the time of the accident and survived. Even if they were nowhere near the accident scene, however, family members often feel as though they should have been able to do something to save their loved ones.  

You may grieve by seeking time alone and avoiding social interaction for a time. Then again, some people find that surrounding themselves with friends and family and staying as active as possible helps them better cope with tragedy. As long as you are acknowledging your grief and doing whatever you find most helpful, you are more likely to be able to rebound and restore your joy in life even though you'll always miss your loved one.  

Addressing other issues 

Many immediate family members of fatal Pennsylvania car accident victims pursue justice in their loved ones' memories by seeking legal accountability against those deemed responsible for their deaths.

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