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3 surprising benefits of driverless cars

We're decades away from seeing driverless vehicle technology become the norm on American roads, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about the benefits of a driver-free future. Provided that the technology can do what autonomous car manufacturers claim it will, these benefits will have life-saving and time-saving effects on humanity.

Here are three significant benefits of driverless cars you might not have considered:

No more human problems: Since driverless cars do not rely on human drivers to follow the rules, pay attention or drive defensively, manufacturers can program them to drive in a manner that has the highest chance of reducing car accidents. The means that driver-free cars will follow speed limits and -- it goes without saying -- that they'll never drink and drive or get into a distracted driving crash. Simply by eliminating the human element from driving, we can avoid nearly all of the primary causes of auto collisions.

Time-saving advantages: Imagine being able to drive to work and get caught up on your email at the same time. Maybe you can save time by eating a meal in your vehicle while traveling from one place to another. When commuters are freed up from needing to pay attention to the road, they will have a lot more time to engage in other activities.

Customizable traffic: Driverless vehicles will hook into a massive network that provides a constant stream of data. In a hive-like fashion, supercomputers can redirect traffic and post speed limits on driverless vehicles in a way that prevents gridlock traffic problems. By intelligently coordinating the flow of traffic in real-time, cities can eliminate bumper-to-bumper gridlock problems.

There are many benefits to driverless car technology, but these new advancements also come with serious legal questions. For example, if a driverless car causes a crash and injuries to another person, is the owner of the car responsible? It will be interesting to see how civil courts decide questions of personal injury liability when it comes to driverless car crashes in the future.

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