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September 2018 Archives

Well-known examples of product liability cases

Manufacturing companies are responsible for building and selling safe products that do not present unnecessary dangers to consumers. However, these companies are not perfect, and sometimes, they are prone to negligence. When this negligence results in design errors, construction errors or the use of dangerous materials that cause injury to consumers, those who are injured may be able to pursue financial damages in court.

132,000 pounds of ground beef recalled after E. coli scare

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service has released information pertaining to the recall of 132,000 pounds of ground beef after an E. coli scare. According to the USDA, Cargill Meat Solutions recalled the beef after 17 people contracted E. coli bacterial infections.

Asbestos: Always dangerous, but sometimes the risk increases

Nowadays, more and more people are coming forward to talk about asbestos-related injuries they suffered while working Pennsylvania coal mines, steel mills or other factories. If you work in an old school building or lived near one of these businesses when they were in their prime, you and your family may be at risk for asbestos-caused illnesses as well.  

Car accident injuries: How do doctors heal a broken femur?

A broken femur bone is rare because it's the largest and strongest bone in the body, but in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident, the crushing forces are strong enough to break any human bone – including the femur. Unfortunately, injuries like this usually require a painful, months-long road to recovery, that includes surgery, physical rehabilitation and a certain degree of suffering.

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