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132,000 pounds of ground beef recalled after E. coli scare

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service has released information pertaining to the recall of 132,000 pounds of ground beef after an E. coli scare. According to the USDA, Cargill Meat Solutions recalled the beef after 17 people contracted E. coli bacterial infections.

The E. coli illness cases began surfacing on Aug. 16, and investigators eventually traced the contamination to ground chuck beef produced by Cargill. The contaminated beef was produced and packaged on June 21 and sent to merchants throughout the United States to be included in 12 different meat products.

Products affected by the recall include but are not limited to beef items such as:

  • Our Certified 73/27 Fine Grind Beef
  • Fire River Farms Classic Ground Beef 18/19 Fine Grind (sold in 10-pound chubs)
  • Certified Angus Beef Check Ground Beef 81/19 Fine Grind (sold in 10-pound chubs)
  • Sterling Silver Chuck Ground Beef 81/19 Fine Grind (sold in 10-pound chubs)
  • Excel 81/19 Fine Grind Ground Beef (sold in 10-pound chubs)
  • Many other varieties of beef products

This recall follows another massive ground beef recall instituted by Cargill of 25,288 pounds beef last month. The previous recall also related to E. coli bacteria which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and potentially fatal health concerns.

If you or a loved one contracted a serious stomach illness after eating contaminated food products, you may have the ability to pursue financial damages. Depending on the facts that pertain to your injuries and the contaminated food that caused them, it could be well worth your time to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of a potential product liability case.

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