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Can Johnson & Johnson appeal $4.7 billion baby powder verdict?

Readers of this blog may remember a previous post about the massive $4.7 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson. According to the 22 female litigants at the center of the case, which was tried in Missouri, the women contracted ovarian cancer after using asbestos-laden baby powder for female hygiene purposes.

Should I stop using Johnson & Johnson baby powder?

Many corporations negotiate a fair settlement with victims after their products cause cancer, illness or death. However, in the face of alarming evidence to the contrary, Johnson & Johnson has fought tooth and nail to perpetuate the idea that its asbestos-containing baby powder products are safe, even for use on babies, when in fact they are not.

What should workers know about asbestos hazards?

According to doctors and scientists, there are no "safe" levels of asbestos exposure. The substance is highly damaging to human lung tissue, and it can lead to various types of aggressive, fatal cancers and lung diseases. The way that all employers and workers should respond to an asbestos threat is to avoid it, contain it, safely dispose of it and ensure that nothing like it ever happens again. The problem is, many workers in Pennsylvania continue to face the dangers of asbestos exposure daily on the job.

Asbestos found in makeup for teenagers

When parents make the choice to buy makeup for their teenagers, the things they tend to be most concerned about relate to whether their teens are old enough to wear makeup and how makeup could benefit and/or harm their social lives. The last thing on parents' minds is asbestos contamination. However, this is precisely the concern of the U.S. Public Interest Group (PIRG), a nonprofit group that says 15 makeup products have proven to contain asbestos-contaminated talc.

Woman contracts mesothelioma after washing husband's work clothes

An English woman suspects that she contracted cancer as a result of washing her husband's work overalls. The 72-year-old woman contracted mesothelioma of the lungs, which is a cancer that results from exposure to asbestos fibers in the air. She herself never worked in an asbestos-contaminated environment, but her husband did.

Surprising jobs that endanger your lung health

What jobs do we think of when we worry about the health of our lungs? Immediately, most people think of construction workers, miners and automotive brake mechanics. However, there are other jobs you should consider when it comes to lung safety, and some of these are surprising.

What's the history of asbestos?

Believe it or not asbestos has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks were the first to use the substance for the wicks of their "eternal flames." By adding asbestos to the wicks, it would allow them to endure the challenge of being lit for extended periods of time in their temples without the need to switch them out.

Asbestos: What is pleural thickening?

Due to modern laws that exist to protect workers from asbestos exposure, in addition to laws that prohibit the use of asbestos in certain industrial applications, one might be tempted to think that modern workers are not likely to contract a disease related to this substance. However, it's estimated that asbestos-related diseases still kill thousands of workers in the United States every year.

Modern products that contain asbestos

Anyone can encounter asbestos dust and contract severe, life-threatening injuries and illnesses as a result of this contact. As such, you might want to familiarize yourself with the modern products that still incorporate asbestos. This way, you can stay safe when around these products and avoid the potential for contamination.

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