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Well-known examples of product liability cases

Manufacturing companies are responsible for building and selling safe products that do not present unnecessary dangers to consumers. However, these companies are not perfect, and sometimes, they are prone to negligence. When this negligence results in design errors, construction errors or the use of dangerous materials that cause injury to consumers, those who are injured may be able to pursue financial damages in court.

132,000 pounds of ground beef recalled after E. coli scare

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service has released information pertaining to the recall of 132,000 pounds of ground beef after an E. coli scare. According to the USDA, Cargill Meat Solutions recalled the beef after 17 people contracted E. coli bacterial infections.

Salads and sandwich wraps recalled due to cyclospora parasite

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service is advising consumers to avoid buying salad and sandwich wrap products sold in major grocery stores due to the risk of parasite contamination. According to the federal agency, the contamination relates to the parasite cyclospora, which can cause serious intestinal illnesses.

Consumers should not blindly trust every pharmaceutical drug

The life-saving and pain-reducing benefits of prescribed drugs have helped millions throughout the world. However, these medicines are not always completely safe and free from risks. In each case, a doctor must evaluate a particular medication to determine if its potential benefits outweigh the risks involved with taking it.

Ford Escapes and Fusions could roll away while in park

It doesn't matter if you purchase an expensive luxury vehicle or an economy-style sedan. If you spend thousands of dollars on a car, you expect it to be free of dangerous defects that could potentially harm or kill you and other people on the road. This, however, is not what those who purchased certain Ford vehicles received. Ford recently announced a recall of over 500,000 cars for dangerous parking feature defects.

Does talcum powder cause cancer?

Talcum powder, which many people refer to as baby powder, has numerous uses. Mothers sprinkle it on their babies when changing diapers to prevent rashes. Many people also use talcum powder on their bodies after they bathe for hygiene purposes and it's found in numerous beauty products and makeups. The problem is, the naturally occurring mineral -- talc -- can also contain potentially cancer-causing elements which have caused serious problems for women who apply talcum powder to their genital areas.

Drivers may want to consider safer options for 'infotainment'

Driving to work in the morning while listening to your favorite audio recordings and music could be one of your favorite moments during the day. You may also enjoy talking to friends on the phone or taken advantage of your vehicles navigation software to prevent getting lost. However, when it comes to the way you access entertainment and multimedia features in your vehicle, some ways have proven to be a lot safer than others.

Massive Spam recall to prevent injury from metal fragments

Can you imagine biting into a sandwich and feeling the crunch of metal against your teeth? Can you imagine suffering an injury after eating a seemingly innocuous product that you purchased at the grocery store? Although you can imagine such a circumstance, you probably don't think it would ever happen to you. That's because, as Americans, we've come to trust the safety of products we purchase from grocery stores. Nevertheless, accidents during the manufacturing of food products do happen and sometimes American consumers are harmed by them.

Hardware store recalls dangerous Chinese-made chainsaws

Common sense might tell the average consumer to be wary of the quality of an electric, Chinese-made chainsaw that only costs $50. Nevertheless, Harbor Freight Tools locations throughout the country have been selling these cheap, electric chainsaws. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced that at least 15 complaints have been filed about the chainsaws not turning off.

Vehicle defects lead to massive Tesla S recall

American automakers build some of the finest and most technologically advanced cars in the world, but that doesn't mean these vehicles are always free of errors and defects. Even worse, sometimes these defects pose serious threats to the drivers and occupants who ride in the vehicles. In the best of situations, these defects are quickly identified by the automaker and affected vehicles are immediately recalled to correct the problem so no one gets hurt.

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