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Common examples of different types of car accidents

Most auto accident cases involve the negligence of a driver who causes a collision with another person. Whether the crash involves another driver, a bicyclist, a pedestrian or a motorcyclist, if the other person suffers serious injuries caused by the first driver's negligence, he or she can usually file a financial claim to pursue compensation for those injuries.

What’s the best kind of car seat for your baby?

Rear-facing car seats aren't the best option if parents want to watch their baby's smiling face from the rearview mirror. However, they are the best option if parents want to keep their children safe in the event of a serious crash. Recently, Ohio State University Injury Biomechanics Research Center scientists confirmed through a thorough safety study that rear-facing seats are the superior choice when it comes to keeping small children safe.

Pedestrian safety: What is the bowling ball test?

After recent comments made by the president of the United States, everyone is asking about the "bowling ball test." What is this test, and why is it important for the American automobile manufacturing industry? And, more importantly, why is this test important for pedestrians?

Do your part to prevent teen car accident injuries in Pittsburgh

The most distressing thing about car accidents is the fact that the majority of them could have been avoided if all of the parties involved in the accident had been attentive and following the law. Teenagers are often more likely to get into a car accident, perhaps because they tend to be less experienced drivers.

Tesla's auto-driven car crashes into the back of a firetruck

Tesla's Model S electric vehicle is equipped with advanced self-driving technology. However, the driverless technology has proved to be less than reliable after the car recently drove into the back of a fire truck that was parked on the side of the road.

Do this if your car starts to slide on an icy road

During the winter months, an icy road can spell disaster for motorists and their passengers -- especially if you don't know how to safely control your car in icy conditions. Unfortunately, most drivers just don't have enough icy driving experience -- and they haven't been in enough dangerous ice scenarios -- to know how their vehicles will respond to such conditions.

Are we heading toward an autonomous car revolution?

For about 100 years, motor vehicle driving has been the norm. The ex-vice chairman and chief product developer at General Motors, Bob Lutz, recently wrote an opinion piece called, "Kiss the Good Times Goodbye." In the op-ed, he said that human driving is coming to an end. Self-driving cars will soon become the norm.

Drunk driving accident results in bodily injury in Preston County

An all-terrain vehicle crash left victims with injuries following an incident that happened on a recent Saturday in Preston County. According to the county sheriff's department, the crash happened in Albright on Aug. 12.

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