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Car accidents: What is contributory and comparative negligence?

When an injured plaintiff pursues damages relating to a car accident in court, the defense may present strong arguments that try to prevent the plaintiff from receiving a financial recovery. Two strategies commonly employed by personal injury defense attorneys involve arguments that try to blame the injured plaintiff for his or her damages, while removing as much liability as possible from the defendant.

How do you treat a broken rib?

Imagine you were involved in a catastrophic auto collision that was so severe you feel lucky to have survived. As you were exiting the wreckage of your vehicle, however, you noticed a sharp pain in your side while breathing. Thinking back, you even remember feeling a distinctive "crack" in your rib when the accident took place. You may be suffering from a broken rib, so it's important to seek medical attention and treatment immediately.

Car accident injuries: How do doctors heal a broken femur?

A broken femur bone is rare because it's the largest and strongest bone in the body, but in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident, the crushing forces are strong enough to break any human bone – including the femur. Unfortunately, injuries like this usually require a painful, months-long road to recovery, that includes surgery, physical rehabilitation and a certain degree of suffering.

3 surprising benefits of driverless cars

We're decades away from seeing driverless vehicle technology become the norm on American roads, but that doesn't mean we can't dream about the benefits of a driver-free future. Provided that the technology can do what autonomous car manufacturers claim it will, these benefits will have life-saving and time-saving effects on humanity.

3 common car accident causes most people never think about

When Pennsylvania motorists are navigating traffic, they don't have a running tally of all the car accident causes in their minds. In fact, the average driver probably isn't even thinking about the possibility of a car accident at all. Nevertheless, the following three issues commonly cause fatal or injurious collisions. Therefore, it's important for motorists to be aware of them.

Motorcycle safety: The statistics reveal all

There's no doubt that driving a motorcycle with the wind against your skin through the country roads of Pennsylvania is one of the most invigorating experiences you could have. There's also no doubt that a motorcycle can be a very dangerous piece of equipment when you don't drive it properly.

Kia recalls vehicles to prevent fatal air bag injuries

The Japanese air bag manufacturer, Takata, has been showing up in the news every other week for the last decade. The air bag maker manufactured tens of millions of deadly air bags that have ended up in vehicles throughout the world, resulting in a constant stream of recalls. In fact, so many recalls have occurred that it will be impossible for the world to fix all of the affected cars. This fact, however, has not deterred Kia from issuing yet another Takata-related air bag recall of 507,000 defective cars before it has even determined a solution to the problem.

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