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Construction tools and asbestos: A recipe for disaster

If you work in construction in the Pittsburgh area, you may get to visit some interesting buildings. The city is known for its architecture and artsy designs. In addition to some of the older bridges, churches, factories and homes in the area, there's been a lot of new construction in recent years that make Pittsburgh a highly attractive location for business owners and home buyers alike. Whenever building or renovation takes place, there's a risk for injury; in some situations, that risk involves asbestos.

TBI symptoms not always immediately apparent

Unexpected circumstances have a way of changing lives forever in some cases. For instance, if you suffer sudden injury because of a workplace incident or are involved in a motor vehicle crash, life as you knew it may never be the same. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may not only have to endure a long, arduous recovery, but you may suffer partial or full disability for the rest of your life.

Has your job made you sick?

In Pennsylvania and nearby states, many laborers earn their livings in construction, industrial work or other jobs that could place them at risk for injury or ill health conditions. You may recall that Pittsburgh played a significant role in the nation's industrial history; in fact, it was a leading hub of progress in the industrial revolution, worldwide. The Steel City continues to make headline news for its renaissance efforts and participation in modern architectural, cultural and business trends that attract new residents and provide career opportunities for many.

Study finds benzene in e-cigarettes

If you quit smoking as one of your New Year resolutions, you may already be struggling in these first few weeks. There is no denying the health benefits you will gain by giving up cigarettes, especially if you have heart disease or cancer in your family health history.

Do you have reason to file a wrongful death claim?

The sudden loss of a loved one can leave many Pennsylvania residents reeling. Though the death may have come about due to an accident, if someone else's negligence contributed to that accident, you may feel a myriad of emotions knowing that the incident could potentially have been prevented. Unfortunately, these emotions and this knowledge cannot bring your loved one back.

Was your child injured during birth? You may have a case

Expecting baby is an exciting time for a Pennsylvania family, but this excitement can be marred if there are complications during birth. If your child suffered birth injuries, it could be the result of a preventable error or mistake committed by the doctor, nurse or other medical professional. Birth injuries can be quite serious, some having a permanent impact on the life of the child.

Not all catastrophic injuries are physical

Driving in downtown Pittsburgh or on other busy Pennsylvania roadways can be downright frightening at times. If you're a cautious and alert driver, you're likely to reach your destination safely, that is, unless another motorist nearby doesn't have the same safe driving habits as you. In fact, you could driving along safely and happily one minute and lying in a hospital bed the next if someone runs a red light, fails to stop at stop sign or veers across the center line of traffic, hitting your vehicle.

When failure to fulfill duty of care results in medical injury

You may enjoy visiting one of the many vendor markets in Pittsburgh's Strip District. While there, if you witness someone who appears to be experiencing a medical emergency, and you also notice people asking help from a doctor who happens to be dining nearby, do you feel fairly certain that, since that person is a licensed physician, he or she is obligated to help? If you answered yes, you are likely not alone, but you are also not correct.

The dangerous link between asbestos and lung cancer

You know that exposure to dangerous substances in the work place can lead to a greater chance of certain types of illnesses. If you faced exposure to certain types of products and chemicals over the course of your career in Pennsylvania, some of the health risks you face could be especially grave. For example, if you worked near asbestos, this exposure could lead to a higher chance of developing lung cancer. 

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