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What Clairton, PA residents need to know about local coking mills

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Occupational Hazards And Exposure

The city of Clairton, PA is home to a thriving steel industry, but that same industry is the cause behind widespread cancer cases in local workers and residents. People working in or living near the Clairton, PA coking mills suffered greatly due to benzene exposure.

Many impacted individuals have already received substantial settlements from U.S. Steel, the corporation behind the Clairton coking mills. Other individuals affected by harmful benzene exposure need to understand the scope of the situation and what their next steps should be.

What happened at the Clairton mills?

The Clairton mills generated a large amount of benzene during their coke-manufacturing processes. Benzene itself is carcinogenic to humans and made contact with the mill workers during their duties as well as with nearby Clairton, PA residents through the air.

Is the air in Clairton, PA still dangerous?

Due to lawsuits, U.S. Steel now has an obligation to test its air quality during the coking process. However, many sustained harm before the implementation of these testing practices and the quality of the city’s air remains a point of debate to this day.

Can Clairton residents join a Clairton coke works class action lawsuit or settlement?

Any individuals who believe they suffer from benzene exposure due to the activities at the Clairton, PA coking mills have the right to pursue legal action against U.S. Steel. Those diagnosed with cancer or symptoms related to benzene exposure may have an especially strong case for their claim.

Class action lawsuits against U.S. Steel for their harmful coke-manufacturing processes continue as more affected individuals come to realize the severity of their conditions stemming from benzene exposure. D’amico law office is leading the charge to take on U.S. Steel, Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our lawyers to discuss your next steps to justice.