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Suffering From Cancers Such As Leukemia?

Thinking Of Filing A Benzene Lawsuit?

Has contact with the organic compound benzene impacted your life? People who work in jobs where benzene is used run the risk of developing various types of cancer, such as leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This compound is a known carcinogen. As such, companies that knowingly expose their workers may be found negligent. For zealous determination in pursuing a benzene lawsuit, trust our Pittsburgh lawyers at D’Amico Law Offices, LLC.

Many Workers Are At Risk Of High Exposure

Benzene is very common, as it is one of the top 20 chemicals produced in this country. It can be found in everyday products, such as gasoline, and makes a powerful solvent that cleans and degreases machinery. It is also used in a wide variety of industries and businesses that range from steel mills to chemical plants and refineries.

The risk of exposure is no secret. The first case of leukemia attributed to benzene was reported in 1928. A couple of decades later, the American Petroleum Institute reported that zero was the only safe level of concentration for benzene. Despite this, many workers still risk exposure to benzene in their daily jobs. These include:

  • Steelworkers
  • Painters
  • Firefighters
  • Lab technicians
  • Chemical plant workers
  • Rubber industry workers
  • Paper factory workers
  • Dry cleaning
  • Shoemakers

Exposure to this chemical causes damage to bone marrow, which, in turn, results in low counts of white blood cells and blood platelets. This weakening can lead to cancer, leukemia, multiple myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL).

Experience With Cancers And Conditions Of All Kinds

Our attorneys focus on representing people exposed to hazardous chemicals. As a result of their intense dedication to this practice area, they have handled claims involving a wide spectrum of illnesses and injuries. The most common diseases we represent in benzene cases are:

  • Leukemias, including acute myeloid leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL)
  • Other cancers
  • Other blood disorders

Proving a link between a disease and exposure to a certain substance is very difficult and should not be left to an amateur attorney or a general personal injury law firm. It is crucial to have lawyers who have a record of successful cases in this area, as ours do. They have experience gathering evidence to connect your medical condition to exposure to benzenes or other toxic substances.

Increase Your Power Through Community Benzene Claims

Our firm is also distinctive because we take on cases of community exposure to carcinogens. This is when an entire workplace, neighborhood, town or even county has suffered exposure to benzene or another substance. While we regularly work with individuals on their claims, we can also assist you by helping you join a class action lawsuit. When multiple people band together to file a class action suit, it can give them greater power than when they work on their own.

Putting An End To Benzene In Pesticides

The pesticides used by major corporations such as Monsanto and Bayer have been shown to contain carcinogenic chemicals, including benzene. We are not afraid to stand up to these companies on behalf of the victims who have suffered due to exposure. One example of a high-profile case we handled is that of sports reporter Rich Walsh, who sued several companies whose carcinogenic pesticides contributed to the death of his father. If you believe that you or someone you love has developed leukemia or another illness as a result of pesticides containing benzene, please contact us for help.

Our Lawyers Are Representing Clients Who Have Suffered From Cancer Due To Exposure To Benzene

Our Pittsburgh law firm is one that is dedicated to protecting workers who have been diagnosed with cancer caused by benzene. We combine a wealth of experience with a depth of knowledge of the law. Make an appointment for a free consultation at our firm so one of our attorneys can tell you if they think you have a valid claim for compensation.

Contact us online or by calling 412-906-8180 today to discuss filing a lawsuit for benzene exposure. We proudly serve clients in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.