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Seek Compensation For Asbestos Exposure In West Virginia

D’Amico Law Offices, LLC, is a personal injury law firm fighting for the rights of workers who were negligently exposed to asbestos. Our asbestos exposure lawyers in Pittsburgh extend their reach to West Virginia to see that victims receive just compensation for the harm asbestos does.

Asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis, as well as cancer of the lungs, stomach, larynx and colon, cause untold suffering and claim many lives each year.

Locations where asbestos exposure in West Virginia has occurred include the following:

  • Weirton Steel (steel mill in Weirton)
  • Union Carbide (chemical facility in South Charlestown)
  • FMC (chemical facility in South Charlestown)
  • DuPont (chemical facilities in Washington/Parkersburg and Belle)
  • Mobay Chemical (New Martinsville)
  • Allied Chemical (Moundsville)
  • Monsanto Chemical (Nitro)
  • Power stations:
    • Fort Martin Power Station (Maidsville)
    • Harrison Power Station (Haywood)
    • Mount Storm Power Station (Mount Storm)
    • Kammer Power Station (Moundsville)
    • Mitchell Power Station (Moundsville)

These places have been identified as work sites associated with a high likelihood of asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma is one of the most common injuries facing asbestos exposure victims.

If you or a loved one worked at any of these places and was diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestos cancer or another asbestos-related condition, contact us immediately at 412-906-8180 to discuss your legal rights and options.

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What Damages Are Available For West Virginia Asbestos Exposure Victims? How Common Is On-The-Job Exposure To Asbestos In West Virginia? What Types of Jobs Are Connected With Asbestos Exposure? How Hard Is It To Trace Asbestos Exposure To A West Virginia Job Site? What Documents Can Be Used When Proving Job Site Asbestos Exposure? Should You Hire A Lawyer For Help With Your Asbestos Lawsuit? Job Site Asbestos Location FAQ

What Damages Are Available For West Virginia Asbestos Exposure Victims?

Exposure to asbestos can lead to serious, permanently debilitating and, in many cases, life-threatening conditions. Accordingly, a damages award obtained in an asbestos exposure lawsuit will provide extensive financial coverage for costs and losses like:

  • Hospital bills
  • Ongoing therapy and rehabilitation
  • Costs of treatment not normally covered by insurance
  • Lost wages while recovering
  • Loss of the ability to generate capacity in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship

A job site asbestos exposure lawsuit can also result in punitive damages, which are intended to punish the wrongdoer and discourage them from repeating the misconduct. In cases where the victim passed away due to asbestos exposure, wrongful death expenses may be included in the damages as well.

The amount of damages issued or the settlement amount obtained will depend on the attorney’s experience and skill in handling the claim. A more experienced lawyer will be able to pinpoint the different losses a person might have incurred from asbestos injuries.

Our lawyers are well equipped to bring on the fight, and they work hard to ensure that our clients are properly compensated for their losses.

How Common Is On-The-Job Exposure To Asbestos In West Virginia?

Thousands of workers in West Virginia have been exposed to asbestos while on the job in spite of the warnings about the dangers of this known carcinogen. However, many do not realize the risk until they are diagnosed with various forms of cancer or asbestosis. Reach out to our attorneys when you are considering an asbestos lawsuit.

Even though the contact occurred decades ago, our asbestos exposure lawyers can uncover the facts that are needed to make a strong case. Filing a lawsuit for mesothelioma takes a great deal of time and effort, but they have the drive and resources to do so.

Those who worked in steel mills, construction, chemical plants and shipyards in West Virginia run the risk of asbestos exposure. Such exposure can lead to disease and death as the statistics for death from mesothelioma and asbestosis in these counties shows:

  • Cabell County: 19.36
  • Hancock County: 26.9
  • Kanawha County: 18.99
  • Wood County: 20.64

West Virginia ranks 29th nationally in fatal mesothelioma cases.

These statistics come from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the NIOSH Work-Related Lung Disease (WoRLD) Surveillance System. The numbers are age adjusted, which means that the average age of residents is factored into account. This provides a more precise picture because counties with a higher number of older people may naturally have a higher rate of death.

We recommend that you proceed with any asbestos-related lawsuits quickly, as there is a statute of limitations on the filing. Schedule a free consultation with our attorneys about your lawsuit for mesothelioma in West Virginia.

What Types Of Jobs Are Connected With Asbestos Exposure?

Over the years, many workers have died from diseases related to asbestos, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and various forms of cancer. Often, these workers had jobs in the following types of identified asbestos locations:

  • Steel mills
  • Shipyards
  • Auto garages
  • Chemical factories
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/casinos
  • Metal foundries
  • Military bases and housing
  • Paper mills
  • Power stations
  • Railroads
  • Refineries
  • Schools
  • Service stations

As West Virginia is a state filled with these types of jobs and industries, its residents may be more susceptible to asbestos exposure than residents of other states.

How Hard Is It To Trace Asbestos Exposure To A West Virginia Job Site?

Proving liability can be highly challenging in cases involving asbestos-related occupational exposure. Such lawsuits require proof that the injuries were asbestos related and that the source of the exposure was at a specific workplace. In addition, they require evidence that the employer is responsible in some way for allowing workers to be exposed to such dangers.

This can be a daunting task for anyone, especially in instances where the asbestos exposure happened a long time ago. In order to succeed in an asbestosis lawsuit, you need a law firm that:

  • Has adequate resources to thoroughly investigate claims for causation evidence
  • Has already compiled a significant amount of statistical data and documentation regarding specific job site asbestos locations
  • Understands the strategic approaches and data analysis needed to link asbestos exposure to a job site.

At D’Amico Law Offices, our team has the resources, experience and compiled data needed to aggressively pursue damages awards for those who have been affected by work site asbestos exposure.

What Documents Can Be Used When Proving Job Site Asbestos Exposure?

Proving liability for job site asbestos exposure can require hundreds of documents and multiple depositions with all the different parties involved. This type of work can be complex and is best left to an asbestos exposure attorney. This is because the average worker will usually not be in a position to perform this type of documentation without a lawyer.

Documentation that can help prove exposure at an asbestos work site includes:

  • Job site blueprints
  • Engineering, construction, electrical or plumbing diagrams
  • Work invoices for asbestos products
  • Company communications demonstrating its knowledge of asbestos conditions
  • Official statements from leading industry experts
  • Case stories from other asbestos injury victims
  • Medical and scientific literature about asbestos and asbestos-containing products

At D’Amico Law Offices, our attorneys have already gathered a solid base and accumulated decades of experience when it comes to obtaining, reviewing and leveraging documents for use in trials.

Should You Hire A Lawyer For Help With Your Asbestos Lawsuit?

Asbestos lawsuits can involve massive amounts of paperwork as well as hours and hours of intense research and preparation. If you or a loved one was injured as a result of exposure to asbestos at work, it’s in your absolute best interests to hire an attorney who can prepare your case on your behalf.

Our team of attorneys has decades of combined experience in bringing justice against employers who have harmed their employees due to negligent management of asbestos risks. Our lawyers are well equipped to bring on the fight, and they work hard to ensure that our clients are properly compensated for their losses. Contact us at 412-906-8180 for a free consultation in which we can go over your case in detail.

Job Site Asbestos Location FAQ

What if the asbestos exposure happened a long time ago?

It may still be possible for you to pursue legal action even if you are no longer employed with the West Virginia company in question or if it’s been a while since you last worked at the site. At D’Amico Law Offices, our team of attorneys has thorough knowledge on how to document a person’s work and medical history to determine whether their condition is connected to asbestos exposure.

Do you need to provide your lawyer with your full work history?

Yes, absolutely. A full list of the places you’ve worked is important when determining potential places and products that may have exposed you to asbestos. A skilled asbestos lawyer can review your work history to identify which parties might be responsible for exposing you to asbestos. The more information you can provide your attorney, the better.

How long does an asbestos lawsuit take?

There is no set time period for how long an asbestos lawsuit takes. Depending on the factors surrounding the case, it can take anywhere from several months to a year or even longer. These types of cases involve heavy research and documentation, which can take a while to prepare and organize for trial.

How can a mesothelioma lawyer help you?

A mesothelioma lawyer can help with the intense amounts of documentation and strategy preparations needed for success. An experienced mesothelioma attorney can help by:

  • Examining the facts surrounding your case
  • Compiling the different documents and statements for trial
  • Building a strong and effective legal strategy
  • Calculating a comprehensive damages award

Due to the amount of research and paperwork involved, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer if you have been exposed to asbestos. Contact D’Amico Law Firm at 412-906-8180 to schedule a free consultation to determine your legal options.