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Did one of these surgical errors cause your suffering?

Undergoing surgery in a Pennsylvania hospital or some other medical facility in another state is not typically a pleasant experience. If the situation that prompted a need for your surgery was an emergency, you may endure far-reaching and long-lasting consequences that forever change your life. We place our trust in doctors, surgeons, nurses and other hospital team members when we seek any type of medical care.  

That's why it's infuriating to think that many medical patients suffer serious injuries, illnesses or even death when licensed professionals act negligently during their course of treatment. One simply can't undo some mistakes. It's critical that you understand your rights as a medical patient and also a good idea to research state laws and where to seek support ahead of time before receiving any type of medical treatment. 

Hardware store recalls dangerous Chinese-made chainsaws

Common sense might tell the average consumer to be wary of the quality of an electric, Chinese-made chainsaw that only costs $50. Nevertheless, Harbor Freight Tools locations throughout the country have been selling these cheap, electric chainsaws. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced that at least 15 complaints have been filed about the chainsaws not turning off.

At least three injuries relating to the Chinese-made chainsaws have been reported thus far. The chainsaws were sold under two different brand names: "The Portland and One Stop Garden" and "Chicago Electric." The Portland and One Stop Garden models are green and black. The Chicago Electric models are red and black.

Most commercial truck accidents are preventable

State and federal regulators have created numerous traffic laws and guidelines to keep us safe on the road. These laws apply to all drivers of motor vehicles indiscriminately. There's one class of laws, however, that applies strictly to commercial vehicle drivers and the companies that employ them. When a truck driver violates these laws, and causes an accident, it will usually result in the financial liability of both the driver and his or her employer.

Here are a few of the most important commercial trucking laws that could be incorporated in a personal injury lawsuit stemming from such an event:

Filing a Pennsylvania car accident report: Should you do it?

Drivers must report injurious and fatal car crashes to authorities in Pennsylvania as a matter of law. In serious accidents like this, police will compile an accident report. Drivers may also need to submit a supplemental accident report to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PDOT) if the police report is lacking vital details pertaining to the incident.

Alternatively, if police do not report to a crash that involves a physical injury or extensive property damage, both drivers may be legally responsible to submit an accident report to PDOT on their own.

What should workers know about asbestos hazards?

According to doctors and scientists, there are no "safe" levels of asbestos exposure. The substance is highly damaging to human lung tissue, and it can lead to various types of aggressive, fatal cancers and lung diseases. The way that all employers and workers should respond to an asbestos threat is to avoid it, contain it, safely dispose of it and ensure that nothing like it ever happens again. The problem is, many workers in Pennsylvania continue to face the dangers of asbestos exposure daily on the job.

Fortunately, the United States Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) addresses the dangers of asbestos through its workplace safety standards that apply to shipyards, construction companies and other industries. By following these standards, employers will dramatically decrease the risk of their workers being exposed to this harmful substance.

Common examples of different types of car accidents

Most auto accident cases involve the negligence of a driver who causes a collision with another person. Whether the crash involves another driver, a bicyclist, a pedestrian or a motorcyclist, if the other person suffers serious injuries caused by the first driver's negligence, he or she can usually file a financial claim to pursue compensation for those injuries.

There are many kinds of crashes and collisions that can lead to peronsal injury claims. Some examples of typical car accident scenarios that might lead to a lawsuit like this include:

Construction tools and asbestos: A recipe for disaster

If you work in construction in the Pittsburgh area, you may get to visit some interesting buildings. The city is known for its architecture and artsy designs. In addition to some of the older bridges, churches, factories and homes in the area, there's been a lot of new construction in recent years that make Pittsburgh a highly attractive location for business owners and home buyers alike. Whenever building or renovation takes place, there's a risk for injury; in some situations, that risk involves asbestos.

Products containing asbestos were once commonly used in construction. As more information surfaced regarding health risks associated with asbestos, protocol associated with exposing workers to the material or removing it from a site became more stringent. Your employer generally must inform you of known asbestos risks on a job site and provide you with all necessary equipment to keep you as safe as possible. Asbestos is more dangerous in certain circumstances than others. Knowing the facts and where to seek support can be helpful if you contract an asbestos-related illness.

What’s the best kind of car seat for your baby?

Rear-facing car seats aren't the best option if parents want to watch their baby's smiling face from the rearview mirror. However, they are the best option if parents want to keep their children safe in the event of a serious crash. Recently, Ohio State University Injury Biomechanics Research Center scientists confirmed through a thorough safety study that rear-facing seats are the superior choice when it comes to keeping small children safe.

According to researchers, rear-facing seats are best for children who are under the age of 3. As children grow older, the best choice is the more traditional forward-facing design.

Vehicle defects lead to massive Tesla S recall

American automakers build some of the finest and most technologically advanced cars in the world, but that doesn't mean these vehicles are always free of errors and defects. Even worse, sometimes these defects pose serious threats to the drivers and occupants who ride in the vehicles. In the best of situations, these defects are quickly identified by the automaker and affected vehicles are immediately recalled to correct the problem so no one gets hurt.

In one such recall, Tesla recently called in 123,000 of his Model S sedans for a free repair relating to a potentially dangerous problem with the vehicles' power steering systems. The power steering systems in these vehicles could fail due to corrosion-prone bolts. The bolts are particularly vulnerable to becoming rusty and corroded in areas where cities combat snowy conditions by salting the roadways.

Pedestrian safety: What is the bowling ball test?

After recent comments made by the president of the United States, everyone is asking about the "bowling ball test." What is this test, and why is it important for the American automobile manufacturing industry? And, more importantly, why is this test important for pedestrians?

As described by the president during recent statements, the bowling ball test involves dropping a bowling ball from 20 feet in the air onto the hood of a car, and if it makes a dent, then it disqualifies the automobile from entering a particular country on the basis of pedestrian safety. The idea is that cars must be made with bumpers and hoods that are soft and pliable enough to help reduce the severity of injuries to pedestrians in the event of a collision. In this instance, the president was referring to the so-called bowling ball test used by the nation of Japan, which he alleged prevented American automobiles from being sold in the country. Similar regulations are also preventing American cars from being sold in Europe.

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