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What Happens When A Driver With Inadequate Insurance Injures You?

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Is the other driver’s auto insurance insufficient to cover the costs of your medical bills, physical therapy and rehabilitation? Now, your lifeline may be your own auto insurance policy. Specifically, you may have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). You may be able to tap into UM/UIM benefits to meet your needs after a crash with another driver who lacks the resources that you need.

For information about UM/UIM coverage and your injuries and losses after a crash, turn to us at D’Amico Law Offices. Our law firm is made up of a family of lawyers. We work closely together with compassion and perseverance, applying well-coordinated strategies on behalf of our injured clients. Ask us about how to make a UM/UIM claim, if necessary, for the compensation that you need.

Good News And Not-So-Good News About UM/UIM Claims

You may not be sure whether you have UM/UIM coverage as part of your auto accident insurance policy. That should be easy for us to find out for you even if your insurer is trying to make it hard for you to discover. State laws in Pennsylvania require auto insurance companies to offer UM/UIM coverage to policyholders. If you have no memory of having rejected UM/UIM coverage, chances are that you do have it. This is often good news about UM/UIM coverage.

A point of challenge about UM/UIM is that you will have to a claim against your own car insurance issuer to gain access to these benefits. Your insurer may put up roadblocks at various points along the way as you pursue the financial relief that you need after suffering injuries in a crash. This is the not-so-good news about UM/UIM coverage. We can help you overcome these obstacles.

We Are Here To Cut Through Red Tape After A Crash

With more than 60 combined years of experience, our attorneys are well-prepared to help you. Whether you were a pedestrian, bicyclist, driver or passenger in a car at the time of an accident that injured you, our attorneys can take a load off your plate by taking over any necessary dealings with your legal opponents – even your own insurer. Even if you lack this coverage, another possible resource is the auto insurance (and possibly UM/UIM) coverage of a family member you live with. If your injuries are serious or catastrophic, it is essential to explore all avenues of recovery.

Learn more about how to gain access to your UM/UIM coverage as needed. Call 412-906-8180 or email us to schedule a free consultation.